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Tokyo Store Anniversary [KGG Vol. 5] Anatomica CWP Ventile for Tokyo 10th Anniversary

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【Anatomica CWP Ventile for Tokyo 10th Anniversary】

Cold region jacket CWP adopted ECWCS (EXTEND COLD WEATHER CLOTHING SYSTEM) in the 80's. I made the American army jacket with a ventile fabric. It is a product suitable for the 10th anniversary of the Anatomica Tokyo.

Ventile (VENTILE) is an ultra-horny textile developed as a waterwriting resistant to the British Air Force Pilot to keep life even in a cold sea. Not only water but also winds can not be passed between fibers, so it can be worn warm.

The biggest feature of the Ventile fabric is three waterproof, windproof and penetration. Because it is woven with hermetism, it is excellent in waterproofness and waterproof. There is no penetrant, so there is no such thing in the mechanism to put out vapor from inside.

The ventail "L28" adopted for this CWP is a jacket that is thicker than the ventail "L34" used for single lagran cotes, and is a jacket that can be active in cold regions.

It is the 10th anniversary item of the Anatomica Tokyo store, so it will be quantitative.

Item: CWP Ventile
Fabric: 100% COTTON
Size: / S / M / L
Origin: Made In Japan