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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[21 fw new work] RMFB GT M51 FIELD JACKET with DOWN LINER / NAVY

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[GT M51 Field Jacket With Down Liner / Navy]

Rockymountainfeatherbed's Best Lines in Rocky Mountain Feather Bed (Grand Teton / Grand Titon】 Collection.
It is a line that is named Grand Teton, which is the highest peak of the Locky Mountains, and does not compromise materials and making, and is a line that develops the finest items.

■ About design
This is a new jacket of this season with RMFB boasted downliners in the Poplin type M51 field jacket type in USMC VINTAGE.

Waist draw cords will play a role as a powder cart that prevents heat retention UP & snow penetration by narrowing.

Downliner is removable. By removing it according to the season, it is an item that can be active all year round.

This Blue is an airforce blue color and a liner down with a vintage fabric, and a refreshing white color.

■ About down liner
Down 90% High Quality Downliner with Feather 10 is installed. A familiar European Duck Down is also used in Rocky Mountain's Heritage Series, and warmth and quality are origami.

Also, the downliner is detachable, and the pocket appears when you turn over the liner. It is a design that can be worn by this alone.

■ About dough
This term is a special wear that uses vintage fabrics.
This vintage fabric is a US military unused emission product (cotton and nylon) popoprin, which is in the mid-1980's.

Brand: RMFB Grand Teton
Item: GT M51 Field Jacket With Down Liner
Fabric: US Deadstock Poplin
COLOR: Air Force Blue
SIZE: S / M / L / XL
Origin: Made In Japan

■ Size
SIZE: 36/38/40/42/44/46
Shoulder width / Width / Length / Length / Sleeves / Hem Width (HEM) (CM)
S-47/116/77/61/128 /
M-50/126/80 / 62.5 / 138 /
L-53/136/83/64/148 /
XL-56/146/86 / 65.5 / 158 /