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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[21 fw new work] RMFB Jungle Fatigue Jacket W / DOWN LINER / OLIVE

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【RMFB Jungle Fatigue Jacket W / DOWN LINER / NAVY】

Locky Mountain Feather Bed's Grand Teton "Series. A line that is named Grand Teton, a highest peak of the Rocky Mountains, and does not compromise materials and making, and develops the finest items.

Original and shell liner was manufactured.

The jacket adopts dead stock popprin fabric.
The liner is a so-called stable warmth with Rocky's boasted down pack.

Waist distributes tabs and adjustable specifications.

The liner is removable, so it can be used in a wide range of seasons.
It can be worn by a single liner.

【Product Details】
Brand: RMFB Grand Teton
Item: GT Jungle Fatigue With Down Liner
Fabric: US Deadstock Poplin
Color: OLIVE
SIZE: S / M / L / XL
Origin: Made In Japan

This Nylon Tafa has a down pack function,
[Fabric / feather / fabric] can be three-layer structure.
With this three-layer structure, lightness, heat retention (ability to maintain human body temperature) is much UP.

This is the secret of RMFB's [lightness and warmth].

«Down (feathers) with»
Use water repellent down from European down to down.
Normally, it is a weak point that the heat retention force is lowered when it gets wet.

We RMFB realized the specifications that can be used to water repellent on itself and maintaining heat retention even with bad weather.

Down 90% The exquisite percentage of feathered 10% is a high heat retention power of 700 fP.

Shoulder width / Width / Length (BODY LENGTH) / Sleeves (SLEEVES) / Length (Neck to Cuff) / Hem Width (HEM) (CM)
S-45.5 / 58/81 / 62.5 / 85.25 / 57.5
M-47.5 / 63 / 82.5 / 63.5 / 87.25 / 62.5
L-49.5 / 68 / 83.5 / 63.5 / 88.25 / 67.5
XL-51.5 / 73 / 83.5 / 63.5 / 89.25 / 72.5