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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[21 fw new work] RMFB Heritage Christy Vest / L. Beige

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Representative Nylonk Listivest, which can also be said to be "face" of Rocky Mountain Feather Bed "Heritage Line".

【Product Details】
Brand: RMFB Heritage
Product Christy Vest
Fabric: 70D Nylon Taffeta
Color: L. BEIGE
Fill Power: 700 fP
Size: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48
Origin: Made In Japan

«About Fabric»
The surface and lining use 70 denier original nylon tafuta developed during RMFB revival.
Vintage was studied and faithfully reprinted, and no quality was created.

This Nylon Tafa has a down pack function,
[Fabric / feather / fabric] can be three-layer structure.
With this three-layer structure, lightness, heat retention (ability to maintain human body temperature) is much UP.

This is the secret of RMFB's [lightness and warmth].

«Down (feathers) with»
Use water repellent down from European down to down.
Normally, it is a weak point that the heat retention force is lowered when it gets wet.

We RMFB realized the specifications that can be used to water repellent on itself and maintaining heat retention even with bad weather.

Down 90% The exquisite percentage of feathered 10% is a high heat retention power of 700 fP.

«About Leather York»
Leather is a combination of tannins and chromium.
By making dye dyeing, it is a leather that is also highly durable while leaving the natural texture of the leather.

«About Mouton»
Use Mouton native to America
If you set a collar, it is an excellent thing that must be muffler.

Finish: RMFB original Nylon Taffa has a down pack function and allowed a three-layer structure of [Fabric / Feather / Fabric].
With this three-layer structure, lightness, heat retention (ability to maintain human body temperature) is much UP.
A DOWN WEAR that does not allow other follows was completed.
Hand Warmer: West Pocket is a handwarmer. It is a two-layer type, and it is possible to keep the hand warm with confidence by separating the room such as metal.
-One pocket: Let's have an important item that can not be dropped into the left-onth chest pocket with zipper.

«Color details»
Eagged: Light Beige
Lining: Plum
York: Yellow
Mouton: Natural

Shoulder Width / Width / Length (Body Length) / (CM)
36 - 36.5 / 52.5 / 66
38 - 39 / 55 / 68
40 - 41.5 / 57.5 / 70
42 - 44 / 60 / 72
44 - 46.5 / 63 / 73
46 - 49 / 66 / 74
48 - 51.5 / 69 / 75