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BIG YANK U54 Shirts Chamois / Yellow

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[U54 Shirts Chamois / Yellow]

A new chamor shirt than Big Yank.

This shirt was created based on the vintage owned by 35summers.

One day, the 35summers production team started to find this vivid chamore, and the dough search is difficult.

From various dough manufacturers, "This time, such colorful chamor is not distributed."

"I have no choice but to make it

Under the enthusiasm and determination,
This vivid chamore fabric has revived in the present age.

The origin of Chamore begins to be used mainly in the outdoor brand as a substitute fabric of wool common as a fabric of a shirt for the purpose of cold weather.

By fluffing the surface to a thick cotton area, the touch is better and the fabric close to wool is a feeling of dough.

The pattern is a long sleeve type of "1950 Model" familiar with short-sleeved type.

Not too thick, too thin exquisite ounces "Shamoire shirt"

■ Fabric:
BRAND: Bigyank Heritage
Product: 1954 SHIRT (Open COLLAR)
Fabric: chamois (100% COTTON)
Color: Orange / Yellow
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL
Price: 20,000 YEN + TAX
Origin: Made In Japan

■ Size
Length (BODY LENGTH) / Bust (CHEST) / Shoulder width / Sleeve Length / Hem
(HEM) / (CM)
S-70 / 57/46/61/60
L-75/61 / 50/64/65