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A'r11551 / アール福岡

[Art Fukuoka Open Memorial] Globe Poster

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A legendary boutique "Globe" called a contemporary select shop source, which is an founder of Anatomica, which is a designer director opens in Paris in 1975.

From that time, the superiority of Pierre was attracting attention, ALDEN V-TIP MODIFIDE last, NIKE, NIRTHFACE, such as NIKE, NORTHFACE, which was only a sport shop or outdoor specialty store, is called a selection item, and it is called a select shop, etc. We invented an innovative concept. After that, one after another, a shop like Globe has opened around the world, but Globe itself will disappear in the early 1980.

The 1979 was producing this poster with Pierre placed a graphic of slimming on both sides. It was printed to distribute to Globe customers. 35summers The representative Teramoto was accidentally found that he was decorated in Saint-German's cafe of Saint-German's cafe, and it was about the 90's when the 90's was getting into half.

After 40 years of print print, I officially reprinted as a special item to commemorate the open. A limited set of serial number (2 pieces set) will be released.

"I understand if I have reprinted for what kind of name reprinted, and you can get it and look at it. Fortunately, it would be nice to be a finger treasure to the end of the wall"
-35 SUMMERS Owner Teramoto

If you would like to confirm the details of the poster, please come to the Art Fukuoka store.

Size: Vertical 80 cm × 60 cm wide